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About Chivalry

Chivalry is funded in 1996 and is specialized in designing and developing all kind of industrial washing machines! Chivalry is specialized in designing and developing following and professional cleaning foundry
  Equipment Manufacturing:
All types of Solvent (vacuum-proof) cleaning machine
All type of Aqueous ultrasonic cleaning machine 
All types of High-pressure jet cleaning machine
Customized Cleaning Machine

Optional Equipment

  Cleaning foundry:
No waste water, high-precision cleaning process, washed

Common problem clients facing such as :

Chivalry has been concentrating in developing different washing method and equipment to resolve problems facing by client while washing and then meet client’s expectation.
After washing, component has become oxidative, water remained on the surface of component or not 100%, blind and deep holes can’t be washed clean!
How to reduce using washing solvent and to meet requirement of wastewater, air pollution and RHOS environmental standard! In particular, in the field such as surface treatment and electroplating industries, typically there is huge wastewater problem!
After cleaning, how to meet requirements such as cleanliness, residual weight from pollutant and particle remained, etc!
Through constant design and research, Chivalry expects to produce more and better precision cleaning equipment! Our goal is to meet World Standard with much more attractive price! This is one and only way to create both win-win situation for client and equipment supplier! On top of that, Chivalry also sees it is its sole responsibility to help preserve our precious environment for future generation!
About Us